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Austin, TX: Pro-LGBTQP Curriculum Will Teach Third-graders How to Have Anal Sex (Public Education Becomes Pedophilia Indoctrination)

Normalization Of Pedophilia Lgbt Education Pack Features 6 Year Olds Engaging In Sexual Activity

Normalization of Pedophilia: LGBT Education Pack Features 6-Year-Olds Engaging in Sexual Activity

Lgbtqp Pedophilia

California Wants to Exempt LGBT Child Rapists from Sex-Offender Registry

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Teacher Suspended for Questioning LGBTQP Sex “Education” of Children Without Debate or Consent from Parents

6 Year Old Children Told To Write Gay Love Letters To Promote Diversity

6-Year-Old Children Told to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity

the war of inversion an all out assault against humanity

The War of Inversion: An All-Out Assault Against Humanity

disney pedophiles and 'grooming support' are direct attacks against our children and nation as more proof emerges 'disney is demonic'

This MUST BE America’s ‘Line in the Sand’: Disney Pedophiles and ‘Grooming Support’ Are Direct Attacks Against Our Children and Nation As More Proof Emerges ‘Disney is Demonic’

vigil to demand justice for feminist activist isabel cabanillas, in ciudad juarez

As the West Normalizes Moral Depravity, Russia Moves Against Pedophiles

teacher and children sitting on floors with hands raised

More Schools Push Transgender Materials On THREE-YEAR OLD Kids

Mainstream Media Pedophilia Cuties

Mainstream Media vs. the People: The War Over Pedophilia