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Children’s Court Judge and Former Head of Group That Sponsors ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

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Creator of “Drag Queen Story Hour” Admits to “Grooming” Children to Become Transgender Queers and Drag Queens

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Another Drag Queen Story Hour Pervert Exposed As A Convicted Pedophile and Transgender Prostitute – Why Are Public Schools Subjecting Our Children to These Deviants?

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Whole Foods Sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour – Many of These “Queens” Are Convicted Pedophiles


Drag Queen Who Performs at Strip Clubs, Flashes Children During Story Hour


Drag Queen Admits He’s ‘Grooming Next Generation’ in ‘Story Hours’

disgusting video shows children being paraded around drag queen show taking cash tips

Disgusting Video Shows Children Being Paraded Around Drag Queen Show Taking Cash Tips

The Left’s Insistence On Pushing Drag Culture On Children Will Only Create Resentment Towards Queers

The Left’s Insistence on Pushing Drag Culture on Children Will Only Create Resentment Towards Queers

Elementary School Invites Convicted Felon Drag Queen To Talk To Children

Elementary School Invites Convicted Felon Drag Queen to Talk to Children

Drag Queen Storytime Author Likes Pedophile Insta Post

Favorite Drag Queen Storytime Author ‘Likes’ Pedophile Instagram Post