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150 unvaccinated nurses and hospital workers fired – now massive nurse shortage hits houston

150 Unvaccinated Nurses and Hospital Workers Fired – Now Massive Nurse Shortage Hits Houston

canadian health officials admit that only those vaccinated for the flu are getting the flu this year

Canadian Health Officials Admit that Only Those Vaccinated for the Flu Are Getting the Flu This Year

Cops Raid Home And Kidnap Unvaccinated Children Because One Was Recovering From Fever At Home — And Not In The Er

Watch: Cops Raid Home and Kidnap Unvaccinated Children Because One Was Recovering from Fever at Home — And Not in the ER

as first 1,000 trucks arrive in ottawa, trudeau conveniently isolates himself due to 'covid exposure'

As First 1,000 Trucks Arrive in Ottawa, Trudeau Conveniently Isolates Himself Due to ‘COVID Exposure’

pennsylvania woman who came in contact with cdc monkeys after crash is experiencing cold like symptoms, pink eye and a cough

Pennsylvania Woman Who Came in Contact with CDC Monkeys After Crash Is Experiencing Cold-Like Symptoms, Pink-Eye and a Cough

the fall of the mainstream media and the biggest lies they told in 2021

The Fall of the Mainstream Media and the Biggest Lies They Told in 2021

rep. gohmert fauci must be 'held responsible' for unleashing mass death on the world

Rep. Gohmert: Fauci Must Be ‘Held Responsible’ for Unleashing Mass Death on the World

msm finally reports what everyone already knew 'wuhan lab leak theory' is now the 'most likely origin of covid' & covid 19 'is an engineered virus'

MSM Finally Reports What Everyone Already Knew: ‘Wuhan Lab Leak Theory’ is Now the ‘Most Likely Origin of Covid’ & Covid-19 ‘is an Engineered Virus’

russian scientist omicron strain 'could end covid pandemic'

Top Russian Scientist: Omicron Strain ‘Could End COVID Pandemic’ – Precisely What Big Pharma & ‘Elites’ Don’t Want to Happen

we warned you the farce will never end if you bow down...

We Warned You They Will Never Stop if You Bow Down to Tyranny…