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Mass Arrests Of Human Traffickers And Child Porn Traffickers In 2020

Mass Arrests of Human Traffickers and Child Porn Traffickers in 2020

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US ‘Lost’ 1,500 Immigrant Children — Handed Many of Them Directly to Human Traffickers

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Border Patrol Whistleblower: Obama Administration is Aiding & Abetting Mexican Drug Smugglers and Human Traffickers

Cop Arrested For Sexually Abusing 46 Children, Forcing Them To Cut Themselves, Threatening To Kill Them

Predators With Badges: The Many Sex Traffickers on America’s Police Forces

As Food Lines Grow And Businesses Are Forced To Shut Down, Gov’t Gives $140m In Covid Relief To Child Traffickers, Murderers, Rapists

As Food Lines Grow and Businesses Are Forced to Shut Down, Gov’t Gives $140M in COVID Relief to Child Traffickers, Murderers, Rapists

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In 2020, More People are Enslaved on Earth Than Ever Before in Human History (1 in 4 Are Children)


Human Trafficking Outpaces Drugs, Guns As World’s Fastest Growing Criminal Industry


David Wilcock: Military Tribunals Have Started Against Child Traffickers, Some Will Get The Death Penalty

massive child sex trafficking ring busted – protected by police for decades in exchange for sex

Massive Child Sex Trafficking Ring Busted – Protected by Police for Decades in Exchange for Sex Sex With the Victims

biden government has 'lost' 45,000 kids that were trafficked over the border

Biden Government Has ‘Lost’ 45,000 Kids That Were Trafficked Over the Border