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Sexualization Of Children

It’s Time to Respond to the Sexualization of Children!


YouTube is Still Enabling the Sexualization of Children (and It’s Being Monetized)


How Porn and the Sexualization of Children Are Distorting Their Perceptions

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Common Core: Absurdity, Mind Control, Surveillance and Sexualization of Children

Conservatives Who Oppose The Sexualization Of Children Will Find Tips They Can Use During The Protecting Children In Education Summit, Hosted By The Heritage Foundation.

Progressive Sex Education and the Battle for Our Children

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Slippery Slope into Degeneracy: Mainstream Media Keeps Sexualizing Children


Drag Queen Who Performs at Strip Clubs, Flashes Children During Story Hour


The Illuminati Attempt to Normalize Sex Between Adults and Children

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Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children, Declares 13yo Girl ‘Sexiest Actress’

leftists hate free speech because they fear dissent, not 'disinformation'

Leftists Hate Free Speech Because They Fear Dissent, Not ‘Disinformation’