Alexander Light

Swedish Government Grants $175,000 to Fund Drag Queen Shows for Children

Reporter Uncovers Manson Family Connections to CIA’s MK Ultra Mind Control and Hollywood Child Trafficking

Austin, TX: Pro-LGBTQP Curriculum Will Teach Third-graders How to Have Anal Sex (Public Education Becomes Pedophilia Indoctrination)

460,000 Missing Children in the USA Each Year — While the Entire Dinosaur Media Protects Pedophiles

New Book Exposes Obama’s Youth: He Considered a Gay Fling, Had COCAINE With a White Girl, Proposed Twice to Another, and CHEATED on Michelle Before They Married

11,000 Scientists Sign Paper: Humans Are Bad Because They Eat Meat and Engage in Transportation

Saying “It’s Okay to be White” is Now Considered a HATE CRIME in America

When Alt Media Was Exposing Epstein, ABC & MSM Was Covering it Up — Who’s the Real Fake News?

Google Search: Organic Products Are “A Lie”, GMOs Are “Good for You” and Supplements Are “Scams” in Latest Anti-health Search Manipulation

What You Think is Controlled by What You Watch, and What You Watch is Controlled by the Elite