destroying food to fight climate change is madness

Destroying Food to Fight Climate Change is MADNESS

elon musk sounds alarm over depopulation 'if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble'

Elon Musk Sounds Alarm Over Depopulation: ‘If People Don’t Have More Children, Civilization is Going to Crumble’

usa, food plants, exploded, burned down,

SEVERAL Very Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants Have Recently Exploded or Burned Down

pentagon funded ukraine biolabs germany studied how bioweapons spread epidemics

Pentagon-Funded Ukraine Biolabs: Germany Studied How Bioweapons Spread Epidemics

next ‘great pandemic’ now being marketed

The Next ‘Great Pandemic’ Claiming Astronomical Death Counts is Now Being Marketed to the Public

military documents about gain of function contradict fauci testimony under oath

Project Veritas Documents Destroy Fauci: Ivermectin Works and Gov’t Hid Life-Saving Truth

they're about to get away with the biggest crime in human history

They’re About to Get Away With the Biggest Crime in Human History

one of wef's 'young global leaders' advocates china style ‘re education camps’ used for uyghur genocide

One of WEF’s ‘Young Global Leaders’ Advocates China-Style ‘Re-Education Camps’ Used for Uyghur Genocide

darpa fauci covid

Explosive Military Documents: EcoHealth Alliance Asked DARPA to Fund Gain of Function Research of Bat Borne Coronaviruses in 2018 – DARPA Refused, But Fauci’s NIAID Moved the Research in Wuhan, China and at Several Sites Across the U.S. – Also, Ivermectin Cures COVID

fauci orphans

Puppies?! Fauci Tortured ORPHAN BABIES and CHILDREN in His AIDS Drug Experiments