Global Warming Hoax

global cooling, global warming and now climate change

Global Cooling Became Global Warming Overnight, and Now It’s Climate Change… Because, You Know, Climate Changes

study injecting sulfur into the atmosphere (as bill gates is doing) is a recipe for climate disaster

Study: Injecting Sulfur Into the Atmosphere (as Billy Boy is Doing) is a Recipe for Climate Disaster

pope francis says the great reset must include a ‘green spirituality’ where the earth is worshipped

Pope Francis Says the Great Reset Must Include a ‘Green Spirituality’ Where the Earth is Worshipped

why prince charles will probably wage war on mankind if he becomes king

Why Prince Charles Will Probably Wage War on Mankind if He Becomes King

a closer look at the great reset – a fake utopia sold to us by charlatans

A Closer Look at The Great Reset – A Fake Utopia Sold to Us by Charlatans

mean of cop26 globalists leaked and it's 60% meat, while telling you to eat bugs (like serving cigarettes to a lung cancer conference)

Menu of Cop26 Globalists (Who Arrived in 400 Private Jets) Leaked and It’s 60% Meat, While Telling You to Eat Bugs

engineered energy shortages us coal producers have already sold their coal inventories for 2022

Engineered Energy Shortages: US Coal Producers Have Already Sold Their Coal Inventories for 2022

prince charles calls for ‘military style campaign’ to force ‘fundamental economic transition’ & combat climate change

Prince Charles Calls for ‘Military-Style Campaign’ to Force ‘Fundamental Economic Transition’ & Combat Climate Change

bezos and prince charles fly in private jets to meet for a ‘cup of tea’ and complain about you emitting too much co2

Bezos and Prince Charles Fly in Private Jets to Meet for a ‘Cup of Tea’ and Complain About You Emitting Too Much CO2

why the carbon hysteria is a huge threat to your personal freedom and financial wellbeing

Why the Carbon Hysteria is a Huge Threat to Your Personal Freedom and Financial Wellbeing