Mind Control

My Grandma Is Old Environmental Pig

“My Grandma is An Old Environmental Pig” – “Very Modern” Children’s Song In Germany

10 Irrational Things That Millions Of Americans Believe In 2020

10 Irrational Things That Millions of Americans Believe in 2020

Technology Mass Holographic Deception Psychological Manipulation Project Blue Beam

Project Blue Beam: The Technology for Mass Holographic Deception and Psychological Manipulation Has Existed for Decades

School Bus

Public Schools Are Brainwashing Factories For Children


Cisco Wheeler Claims She Was Born Into a Illuminati Family, Subjected to Mind Control, and Used as a Child Sex Slave to Political “Elites”, Including US Presidents

Teaching Masturbation To 5 Year Olds

United Nations Are After Our Kids: They’re Planning to Teach Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds

Reporter Uncovers Manson Family Connections to CIA’s MK Ultra Mind Control and Hollywood Child Trafficking


Greta Thunberg: Youth Strike for Globalist Propaganda


Sabrina Carpenter’s “In My Bed”: A Video About the Mind Control of a Young Girl… Made by Disney

Transgender2bchild2b 2bbbc2bshow2bfor2bkids.jpg

BBC’s Children Show ‘Just a Girl’ is About a Transgender Child Taking Hormone Blocking Drugs