Satanist Pedophiles

after ghislaine maxwell’s insultingly low sentence, lawyers demand fbi go after epstein’s clients

After Ghislaine Maxwell’s Insultingly Low Sentence, Lawyers Demand FBI Go After Epstein’s Clients

‘tens of thousands’ of native children discovered in 50 mass grave sites at gov’t run schools

‘TENS OF THOUSANDS’ of Native Children Discovered in 50 Mass Grave Sites at Gov’t-Run Schools

disney satanism 2

Walt Disney’s Horrifying Background & Heinous Agenda

disney pedophiles and 'grooming support' are direct attacks against our children and nation as more proof emerges 'disney is demonic'

This MUST BE America’s ‘Line in the Sand’: Disney Pedophiles and ‘Grooming Support’ Are Direct Attacks Against Our Children and Nation As More Proof Emerges ‘Disney is Demonic’

former child actor cole sprouse confirms that disney is indeed sexualizing young actresses

Former Child Actor Cole Sprouse Confirms That Disney is Indeed SEXUALIZING Young Actresses

disney employees in florida arrested for human trafficking + videos appear online showing top disney executives’ desire to sexualize children

Disney Employees in Florida Arrested for Human Trafficking + Videos Appear Online Showing Top Disney Executives’ Desire to Sexualize Children

nyc education dept promotes gay pornography in public schools

NYC Education Dept Promotes Gay Pornography in Public Schools

parents outraged about explicitly anti white crt curriculum

Parents Outraged About Explicitly Anti-White Racism and Pedophilia in School Curriculum

vigil to demand justice for feminist activist isabel cabanillas, in ciudad juarez

As the West Normalizes Moral Depravity, Russia Moves Against Pedophiles

afghan ‘refugee’ at quantico base sexually assaulting 3 year old girl & argued his conduct was ‘acceptable in his culture’

Afghan ‘Refugee’ at Quantico Base Sexually Assaulted 3-Year-Old Girl & Argued His Conduct Was ‘Acceptable in His Culture’