Transgender Agenda

disney satanism 2

Walt Disney’s Horrifying Background & Heinous Agenda

disney employees in florida arrested for human trafficking + videos appear online showing top disney executives’ desire to sexualize children

Disney Employees in Florida Arrested for Human Trafficking + Videos Appear Online Showing Top Disney Executives’ Desire to Sexualize Children

nyc education dept promotes gay pornography in public schools

NYC Education Dept Promotes Gay Pornography in Public Schools

teacher and children sitting on floors with hands raised

More Schools Push Transgender Materials On THREE-YEAR OLD Kids

orwellian trans takeover banned from using the word 'mother'

Orwellian Trans Takeover: Banned from Using the Word ‘Mother’

russia fines google with record $100 million for corrupting minors with porn, propaganda & transgenderism

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million For Corrupting Minors With Porn, Propaganda & Transgenderism

parents blast teachers for coaching daughter into secret trans identity behind their backs

Parents Blast Teachers for Indoctrinating 12-Year-Old Daughter Into Becoming Transgender

australian police violate lockdown rules to host lgbt office party

Australian Police Violate Lockdown Rules to Host LGBT Office Party

medical journal ‘parents should lose veto power' over children going trans

Medical Journal: ‘Parents Should Lose Veto Power’ Over Children Going Trans

shocking white privilege, gender equity lesson plans used to indoctrinate your kids

Outrageous! Here’s a Look at the Shocking White Privilege, Gender Equity Lesson Plans Used To Indoctrinate Your Kids