War on Children

ca school district textbook claims there are eight genders

CA School District Textbook Claims There Are EIGHT Genders

us military hosts drag show, encouraged children to attend with bouncy castles and face painting

US Military Hosts Drag Show, Encouraged Children to Attend With Bouncy Castles and Face Painting

‘tens of thousands’ of native children discovered in 50 mass grave sites at gov’t run schools

‘TENS OF THOUSANDS’ of Native Children Discovered in 50 Mass Grave Sites at Gov’t-Run Schools

the kids online safety act is a heavy handed plan to force platforms to spy on children

The Kids Online Safety Act is a Heavy-Handed Plan to Force Platforms to Spy on Children

parents outraged about explicitly anti white crt curriculum

Parents Outraged About Explicitly Anti-White Racism and Pedophilia in School Curriculum

virginia democrats fight to hide sexually explicit school materials (including pornography and pedophilia) from parents

Virginia Democrats Fight to Hide Sexually Explicit School Materials (Including Pornography and Pedophilia) from Parents

teacher and children sitting on floors with hands raised

More Schools Push Transgender Materials On THREE-YEAR OLD Kids

they're coming for your kids msm calls for ‘abolishing parenthood’ – forcing parents to turn children over to the state

They’re Coming for Your Kids: MSM Calls for ‘Abolishing Parenthood’ – Forcing Parents to Turn Children Over to the State

elementary school hosts ‘satan club’ for children

Complete Moral Decline: Elementary School Hosts ‘SATAN Club’ for Children with The Satanic Temple

fauci orphans

Puppies?! Fauci Tortured ORPHAN BABIES and CHILDREN in His AIDS Drug Experiments