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Who really rule over us

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I am from Germany. So I apologize in advance for my bad English. But I didnt had a professional education in this language. More or less I learned all by myself. Nevertheless I am convinced that you will understand my statements.

First I have no doubt that you all work for the morons who rule over this planet. But who knows may be somebody can read this who doesn't work for them. Although I am quite sure you build this site in a way so that it isn't possible.

But I have nothing else to do. Descendants of the ancient Greeks rule over this planet. To be more precise Hellenes. Because ancient Greeks is the wrong name. Todays Greeks are may be descendants of the slaves of the Hellenes.

The Hellenes had slave states in the antique. They were only a tiny minority but they was able to organize their states in such a way that the slaves were not able to fight against their slavemasters. For example they kept the slaves weak and sick. They took care that the slaves spoke different languages and had nothing to do with each other. Besides they created their own resistance. Every resistance was by them. Controlled opposition is not an invention of the "communists". The Hellenes did this already 3000 years ago.

What you call "Satanism" is nothing else but hellenistic philosophy. For example developed by Socrates. To lie was a value for him. And the Hellenes had some Hobbys like torturing slaves or kill humans and eat their flesh. Which they really loved and enjoy. Of course we dont learn this in school.

Archons are not spirits. An Archon is a hellenistic officer very high in rank. Something like a governor. They invented Christianity and all religions around the world. They control all religions around the world aswell.

Jews are nothing else but descendants of the Hellenes or they are brainwashed slaves with special tasks. Every Jew outthere can answer this question to him himself. If he really things he is a Jew then he is brainwashed. Otherwise he is a Hellene.

Jews were invented after Europe was destroyed and enslaved by the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was a hellenistic slave state with brainwashed slaves and criminals and psychopaths around the world. They destroyed every culture in Europe and created new ones. After they killed billions and brainwashed the survivors they placed their agents everywhere and called them "Jews".

This you won't read anywhere but here. If you have a brain and if you check this you will find out that I am right. For example if you read "Roman History" by the ancient historian Titus Livius you will clearly find out that the founders of the Roman Empire believed the same things like modern Jews. Only difference the Romans called their God Jupiter. And now comes the biggest joke of all. Romulus the founder of Rome by legend (the truth is that Aneas found the Roman Empire who was a Hellene) build a temple for Jupiter and after that fought the wars of "God" (Jupiter) and so he was able to make "peace". The same the so called Jews expect by their "Moshiach". There are many other hints for example hellenistic philosophers praid the same prayers like todays Jews.

It's a simple fact. There are no Jews. Like there is no spirit who rule over us. Humans rule over this world. And this was never different. The problem of this planet is that our rulers are insane, retarded supercriminals.

Posted : 26/02/2021 8:34 am
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Posted : 16/03/2021 3:08 pm
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what is good? yer silly "humour" isn't.

Posted : 16/03/2021 6:53 pm