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Targeted Individual who became interested in conspiracies because of this experience.

Posted : 15/01/2021 9:17 pm
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Hi 777. Some strange things going on dont you think! Its like 99.9% have been programmed by the Cabal to act...well not dumb, but simply not to Question anything. 

I seem to be living on a rock with 66,999 people who are fast asleep. What will it take to wake them up ? I've been studying this phenomena for 44 years, since I was 3. I started my latest round of intense research on 11.11.11.

Myself and 8 others in my team are operating in what we call the Tesla Mindspace. We have 100s of years of knowledge and research between us. Fancy comparing notes along with the owner of this amazing website. Top work, very impressive.

There is an easy fix to all of this nonsense.  I hope and pray someone sees this message, dials into our frequency, energy and vibration and we compare notes on what we know and where we can collectively take this amazing opportunity. I need to speak with other high level quantum lightworkers to explore possibilities. Susan + Jerry + 777 + the owner of this site. Please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Keep the Faith, Ignore the Fear. Unification is the only true way out of the simulation along with replacing hate, anger, fear, theft, resentment, destruction, war, rape, murder, abuse, torture, sacrifice with one little 4 letter word called L.O.V.E.  xXx

Email me direct at 

We already have 25 of the Smartest HF Autistic Brains simultaneously aligning in collective 5D consciousness to lay down the foundations of an amazing new future for us and our children.

Tell me all about yourself and what your superpower is and let's see what we can achieve today. Genuinely here to make the world a better place than when I arrived.

Be amazing to speak to more like minded people in the near future.

Keep doing what you do best.

Keep the vibe high



Posted : 05/02/2021 6:33 am