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Hi, I'm Solomon. I'm ready to take action

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Hi folks. I go by Solomon. I'm a software engineer (ex-Apple, Brown University computer science, amateur historian) with a passion for game development. Been reading this blog for a while now and have been amazed and refreshed by the uncensored and important news revealed here. At this point in the human timeline, it's become so obvious what's going on, and I feel compelled on a daily basis to take action. It almost seems futile to try to talk about this stuff with anyone, because at this point it's so obvious that if you don't get it by now (and you're an intelligent, critically-thinking person) you must just not want to see it. That's how most of my Ivy League-educated, well-respected and good friends are. They're smart, good people, but all of this stuff is outside the territory of topics they would ever venture into. In fact, they adamantly run from it and get awkward if you go there.

I had my eyes opened about 10 years ago, so everything going on with the pandemic (and more recently, Afghanistan) isn't a surprise to me at all and it's somewhat "easy" for me to navigate the deception (as I've been doing so on a daily basis), but it's still painful to wake up every day knowing we're plunging deeper and deeper into Hell on Earth. Instead of just watching the globalists do what globalists do, and pointing out the daily confirmations of what we've suspected all along, I want to start discussing with some other like-minded people about things we can do. As I mentioned, it's hard to talk about this stuff with anyone. It's hard to even send someone a link to a site like this, or even worse, Alex Jones, because most people have been brainwashed to reject anything that ventures into the area of truth. The term "conspiracy theory" is one of the most effective forms of NLP/magick that has been blanketed on all of society. It's like the more intelligent you claim to be, the more you have to vehemently reject anything that might be deemed "conspiratorial", leaving the image that only crazy dumb weirdos are into this stuff.

I have a few ideas and strategies I've been working on, but I'm curious to know what ideas the HAF community might have on this subject matter. My hopes are that there's something we can do to alter the timeline we're on, other than just watch it plunge inevitably into further NWO chaos.

Is there anyone out there?


Posted : 14/09/2021 9:33 pm