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Transitional Shift In Progress - by Rosie Neal

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I love reading spiritual content in many, many forms, and this is an article I came across today in my adventuring...


Transitional Shift In Progress by Rosie Neal

You are coming into alignment with divine source stream. As you step forth, there will be no need for gathering of information or searching for facts. The old structure of the 3rd dimension no longer serves the highest level of potential for your greatest evolutionary evolvement.

You will step fully forth with grace and gratitude into a complete stream of absolute unadulterated knowingness. This is known as claircognizance. There will be no further need for teachers and gurus.

You will no longer be in a position to be manipulated by denser energies. You will be coming into your own liken to that of the most beautiful fully blossomed rose.

When you step fully into the stream of knowingness, you will have access to that of the deepest of esoteric truth beyond all intellect. This level of truth will be so absolute that nothing will shake or waiver your knowing. This is what is known as being in a state of claircognizance, which is full knowing with complete understanding. This is where one merges with the mind of all that is.

Even if false projections are being projected in your world, they will not impact or influence you or your choice path.

You will meet people and you will feel their core essence of truth on a soul level. There will no longer be secrets that will be kept hidden and much distorted energies and distractions will be playing out but not have influence over you.

You will see the chaos begin globally and will understand that it revolves around what has been kept hidden is rising to the surface for total transparency for all to witness and know that of the egoic aspects that are being projected in that moment. This shakeup will bring much confusion as you will not know what to believe. This will cause you to step into your own discernment and hone that skillset in.

Many that are sleeping will begin to awaking during this purging time. You will have access as well as a strong knowing and will recognize if another has been hurt, are sad, or what their ego is serving to them as a projection for one’s own growth and evolution. Your job is not to judge them or their experiences. It is not to influence them in anyway. They are coming into their own choices point and it is their job to choose a direction. Your responsibility is to just project a fully encompassed heart-based love to them, free of judgments, terms and conditions.

Where you are going there will be no competition or jealousy or need to project self-worth as you will fully understand and know who and what you are. This will not be fully understood with words but only through feelings and previous experiential experience that is in full alignment.

This experience will take place on many different levels. Mental, physical and emotional are just a few that will be impacted. You will change as well as your previous view points and choice points and those around you will see and immediately recognize the change that has took place within you. You will feel joy, contentment and peace on every level especially on a level you have never known before. You will know and have a awareness of what “Love” truly is to such a degree you have never ever experienced in this embodiment. You will begin to feel waves of love just flow through the heart center that will be pure unadulterated bliss on a level never experienced before. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced or recognize before.

You will experience such a essence of purity as you begin to love all and begin to understand what unconditional love is. Now you will fully understand and know that there is nothing that is in need of fixing as your eyes will begin to see all that was unseen in the past as you will completely understand that all is being completely orchestrated by divine intervention.

As you are in this space, you will be holding sacred space for all others to step forth to experience a conscious awakening existence. All those you come into contact with will be in direct resonance with your frequency.

Know that one that is in a state of energetic non-coherence will not have access to your vibration or any awareness of what is taking place. Everything will begin to take place synchronistically as there are no accidents coming into play.

You will begin to recognize all the false projections taking place and will not understand how you didn’t notice before. Each is exactly where they need to be in this ever-present moment of the now.

Our left masculine and right feminine sides of the brain will merge into divine oneness as this is completed, we will be dropping fully from the head of intellect (brain) into alignment with divine heart.

Once this transitional shift has been fully completed, you will begin to merge into what is known as the mind. This is a complete state of knowingness and grace.

This is known as coming into alignment with the mind of God/Source.

~ Rosie Neal

Posted : 14/06/2020 9:02 am
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What makes a shift different from, say, a change is that it implies some kind of movement; a sense that the thing that you're shifting is still the same thing, just moving in a different direction. For example, when you shift gears in a car you're simply moving from one gear to another.

Posted : 21/07/2021 10:46 am