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Dr. Kimberly Foster Oregon Had Her Children Medically Kidnapped

Oregon Physician Who Had Children Medically Kidnapped Goes Public – Dedicates Practice to Helping Others

Open Hand Raised, Human Trafficking Sign Painted, Multi Purpose

Foster Care Continues to be Child Sex Trafficking Pipeline in 2020

Pedophiles In Parliament British Mp’s And The Royals

Pedophiles in Parliament: New Documentary Exposes Many British MP’s As Child Abusers and the British Royal Family is Tied Into This.


Senator David Farnsworth is Investigating 550 Children Who Have Gone Missing in Arizona – He Has Been Threatened and is in Grave Danger


4-Month-Old Arizona Baby Dies After Being Taken from Mother and Put into Home with Two Foster Dads Who Adopted 15 Kids


14 Billion Police License Plate Database, Knows Where You Are in Real-Time: Police to “Grid” Entire Neighborhoods


Greta’s Parents Pictured in Antifa Gear & She Raised Funds for Antifa-supporting Organisation in Europe


The Seven Sisters of the Shadowy Oil Cartel and the Four Horsemen Behind America’s Oil Wars


Exposing the 18 Families of the Black Nobility

Prince Andrew Pedo.jpg

One of Epstein’s Victims Claims She Was Forced to Have Sex With Prince Andrew As A Teen