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china unveils ai news anchor that’s almost indistinguishable from a real human

China Unveils AI News Anchor That’s Almost Indistinguishable From a Real Human

we're drowning in fake science & pedo agendas – usa today claimed science proves pedophilia is 'determined in the womb'

Fake Science and the Normalization of Pedophilia – USA Today Claimed Science Proves Pedophilia is ‘Determined in the Womb’

lauren jobs powell ghislaine maxwell

As Historical Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Unfolds, The Atlantic Publishes Article Calling Child Sex Trafficking ‘FAKE’

a closer look at the great reset – a fake utopia sold to us by charlatans

A Closer Look at The Great Reset – A Fake Utopia Sold to Us by Charlatans

woman boiling urine blamed for wildfire media claimed was due to 'climate change'

Woman Boiling Urine Blamed for California Wildfire That Destroyed 100 Homes and Burned Through 7,000 Acres – Fake Media Claimed It Was ‘Climate Change’

multiple fires in greece linked to arson, a dozen suspects arrested

Fake ‘Global Warming’ Agenda: Multiple Fires in Greece Linked to Arson, A Dozen Suspects Arrested

amazon show plot fake virus and global jjab program to sterilize world population

Amazon Show Plot: Fake Virus and Global Jab Program to Sterilize World Population

synthetic meat fb

Billy Boy Says He Will Force You to Eat Fake Meat

you must eat 100% synthetic beef, says bill gates

You Must Eat 100% Synthetic Beef, Says Billy Boy Who is an Early Investor in the Fake Meat Industry (And Who Stands to Profit Massively)

More Than Half Of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake, Created In January, And Have Zero Followers

Analysis: More Than HALF of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are FAKE, Created in January, and Have Zero – or Close to Zero – Followers