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Rockefeller Foundation Faces $1B Lawsuit for Intentionally Infecting People With Syphilis (Many Died)


Illegal Immigrants Bringing Wave of HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis to America — Media Conceals Truth


Why George Bush Sr. Should Have Been Indicted Before He Died (Child Sex & Drug Trafficking)


Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Jab. Many U.S. Patients Can’t Get it Without Breaking the Law


According To Steven Greer, Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs


List of 32 ‘Elites’ That Support and Promote Depopulation

Illuminati2bsatanists2bluciferians2b 2bchild2bsacrifice.jpg

Illuminati Defector Described Horrifying Satanic Rituals

Delete2bthe2belite2b 2billuminati2bpyramid.jpg

The Rules of the Illuminati — How They Operate & How to Stop Them

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Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Exposes the Deep State Coup Against America (and Naming Names)

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The Secret Circle That Controls Governments: Exposing the Trilateral Commission