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Learn Basic Web Programming


Web Programming or in Indonesian Web programming is writing or developing programming code so that it becomes a client-server-based computer program and can be run in a web browser. In learning web programming there are several things that you should know first, including several technologies that are interrelated both in the process of making and using them. The process of making a website requires several supporting technologies including programming languages, software to create such as Adobe Dreamweaver, and XAMPP Software as a web server and temporary database from it development company. In addition, its use also requires several supporting technologies such as web browsers, web servers, and internet connections.


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Supporting Technology in Website Creation


web programming language, the appearance of the website that we usually see is actually a combination of program code from several internet programming languages, both HTML, PHP and CSS, because basically Web pages are pure text files (plain text) that contain HTML syntaxes that can be opened. /viewed/translated with Internet Browser when HTML Syntax is capable of loading text, image, audio, video, and animation content.


Adobe Dreamweaver, is a supporting software for building a dynamic website, the facilities in Adobe Dreamweaver can actually be said to be very complete, everything needed to create a website, both coding and display design.


XAMPP, is a free software collection of several programs that support many operating systems. We only need to install this one software and we can run several programs to build a website such as a stand-alone server (localhost) and check testing software, MySQL database, and a language translator written in the PHP programming language.


Supporting Technology in Website Usage


Web Browser , is a software that serves to receive and present data or information from the internet. The way the web browser works is to send the request code for the page that the user wants with the HTTP/HTTPS protocol into the web server and present it in the form of an attractive page.


Web Server , is a device that works to receive requests from internet users via the HTTP and HTTPS protocols and present them back in the form of a website page on a web browser. Due to the diversity of the content of a website, a web server also functions to transfer all aspects of files such as text, images, and videos.


The Internet is a network of interconnected computers using the TCP/IP system as an exchange of data packets to serve all users in the world. Historically, the Internet is the technology from software engineering company used by the United States Department of Defense in 1969 on the ARPA project called the ARPANET.


4 Best Multiplatform Chat Apps


Chat applications are now increasingly diverse, for the best chat applications are usually multi-platform applications, so they can be used on various smartphone devices with different operating systems such as Android OS, Blackberry OS, iOS and Windows Phone. Besides being installed on smartphones, chat applications are usually also installed on tablet devices, although most Indonesians use tablets to play games, usually tablet users also install chat applications in it. Samsung Indonesia Product Manager Andry Sutamto said "In Indonesia, tablets are classified as a hybrid category between smartphones and laptops. According to our survey, most tablets are used to play games,".


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Chat App Rules Top 5 Free Apps on Google Play

For those of you android users, you know Google Play Store, Google Play Store is a digital content service provided by Google to download several products such as music/songs, books, applications, games, or cloud-based media players. In the Google Play Store the Chat application always dominates the top 5 free apps. Some it application development that always compete to dominate the top free apps include Facebook, Kakao Talk, Line, WhatsApp, and WeChat. If you see there are 4 chat applications that continue to compete to be the best.


LINE: Free Calls & Messages, Line is a free chat or instant messaging application developed by a Japanese company called NHN Corporation. In addition to sending instant messages, Line also provides several other facilities such as sending pictures, videos, and voice messages. This application was released in 2019, at first Line was only made for Android and iOS operating systems, after success on both operating systems then Line started making applications for Blackberry devices and in 2020 Line became available in 2 new operating systems namely Mac and Windows.


WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that is almost the same as Blackberry Messenger (BBM) by using an internet data package and not using pulses like SMS. WhatsApp is a chat application that was first popular before WeChat, KakaoTalk and Line. Initially WhatsApp was made for iPhone users but in its journey until now WhatsApp has been available on several operating systems such as Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


WeChat is an instant messaging application in the form of voice and text messages developed by Tencent in China. This is a multi-platform chat application that can be used on various operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian OS . Initially the app was launched as Weixin in China in early 2019, with international language support in October 2019 and introduced as WeChat in 2020.


KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text, KakaoTalk is a cross-platform Chat application created by Kakao Inc. and introduced in 2018. Initially KakaoTalk was only made in two operating systems, namely Android and iOS, which means it can be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but one year later on August 11, 2019 KakaoTalk released the Blackberry version.



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